Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Interviews Open for the SpeakOut! Project!

Space's volunteers are working with the Dorset History Centre funded Oral History Project to run 'SpeakOut!', a project that aims to expand Dorset's archives on LGBT+ history.

Following another project run early last year, it had come to the History Centre's attention that there is a huge void of LGBT+ history in Dorset, with little to none in the way of oral history.

The SpeakOut! project aims to fix this by holding recorded interviews of LGBT+ individuals across Dorset. These interviews will provide important history of the experiences of LGBT+ people, as well as the progress made as a community. The project will allow people to talk about any experiences, not just LGBT+ ones, and encourages exploring the interactions being LGBT+ has with other minorities.

Interviews can be sealed for an amount of time from 5 years to permanently for people who don't want their information being public, and consent for the storage of data can be withdrawn at any time. If you are at all interested in becoming a part of Dorset's history, you can contact the project here:, or apply through space by emailing here:

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