Friday, 6 April 2018

Trans Training Blog

Second Year Counsellor Trans Training Blog

By Elena

Being present for Space’s transgender training presentation was amazing and it felt great to have a positive impact on other’s lives through the counsellors we spoke in front of. Sarah and Eli were the main speakers for this talk as I did the slides and watched, joining for the Q&A at the end. We (Eli and I) were able to talk about our own experiences openly so that they could be used to prevent others being treated the way we were, without fear of anyone interrupting or disagreeing. All the counsellors we spoke to were incredibly respectful and asked important questions, showing that they cared about our cause.

Everyone also left a feedback form at the end of the presentation, and it was amazing and encouraging to hear all the positive feedback we received, which included, “A lot of food for thought and hugely helpful to gain insight in to the area of the population which can be overlooked or dismissed. Thank you so much,” and, “I empathised with Eli’s difficulties and struggles, especially childhood and I would like to thank Sarah, Eli and Ellie for sharing their personal stories and for showing me courage!”

Being a witness to this presentation has encouraged me to write up my own story, so that I may help others in future training sessions and deliver an impactful message the same way Eli and Sarah did.