Wednesday, 9 May 2018

New in: Sophie the Erasmus+ Intern

A glittery hello to everyone! My name is Sophie and I will be with Space for the next three months to do an Erasmus+ internship. I flew over from Germany, where I'm currently about to finish my BA of Cultural Anthropology and Education. In Hamburg, where I studied, I've been working with young LGBT people for 8 months before getting here.

After arriving last week, I got the chance to attend my first youth group in Poole Thursday night. I was very curious to meet the young people and to see the setup of a group. Working in groups is what I'm most exited to spend my time on besides helping out with event planing in the office. Charming Ronnie helped me out to do the register, which was an excellent way for me to introduce myself and get to know the group. I'll try to remember all the names, but please don't mind me asking for it again over the next weeks.

During circle time the new volunteers faced interrogation by the young members of Space. Clara and Holly were there to get interviewed with me, which made it a bit less scary. I was quite nervous about the questions that might be asked, but we didn't receive any that were too personal or intimidating. I feel like everyone was too polite or shy to ask about more intimate things, but I'm sure we'll get to know each other better over the next couple of months.

Last night I went to Bournemouth group, which was quite different from Poole, especially due to the location in a youth centre. I worked on a little social media project for IDAHOBT day, the International Day Against Homophobia Biphobia and Transphobia. Follow our Instagram account @spaceyouthproject to see the results of it on the 17th May. Again this was a lovely way to introduce myself to the young people and start a conversation about their experience as a young LGBT+ in Dorset.

I really enjoyed myself in both groups and I can't wait to attend more. I wanted to talk to so many people and play a round of Pool or two, but time ran out way too quickly. Which means I definitely will have to be back!