Friday, 22 February 2019

Mermaids Secured £500,000 Grant!

An incident unfolded not long ago involving the Royal Lottery funding of the trans family support charity 'Mermaids'.

At the time, Mermaids had their latest grant frozen after following several complaints from the general public. These were sparked by a debate on the website 'Mumsnet', a forum website that aims to help and support parents, but as of late has become a ground for spreading hate and abuse against certain minorities and individuals, especially trans ones.

It was when a post under the name 'Glinner', the same name infamous anti-trans rights Graham Linehan uses on his Twitter, was made telling people to contact the Royal Lottery and have Mermaids funding seized.

The Royal Lottery were forced to freeze the funding as they investigated further, but thankfully have just revealed that Mermaids will be receiving a grant of £500,000, after they found no evidence of Mermaids using their funding improperly.

This funding will help Mermaids run for the next 5 years, and they plan to use this money to open 48 centers around the UK to help young people and their families! The Royal Lottery have also stated they are going to continue working close with Mermaids to avoid any incidents like this happening again.
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