Friday, 1 March 2019

Autism Alert Card!

Autism Wessex have introduced a new card, called an 'Autism Alert Card', for anyone over the age of 10 who is on the autistic Spectrum, including Asperger syndrome.

This card has been developed by a board of a wide range of groups and individuals, including Autism Wessex themselves, Dorset Police, various children's services and people with autism and Asperger syndrome. The scheme hopes to provide autism awareness training to Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole police.

The card itself contains basic information on autism and Asperger's as well as emergency information and contacts about the card holder, and can be used by an individual if they need support from one of their contacts, help or consideration from emergency services, or just want to tell people more about their condition.

This card should help bring awareness and support to all ages of people with ASD and Asperger's when they most need it. You can find out more and apply for your own card here, or call directly on 01305 213135, and your first card is completely free!

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