Thursday, 16 November 2017

Trans Youth Network Conference

On Saturday 11th November, Ollie, Eli and Helen travelled to London to attend the annual Trans Youth Network Conference. This year's focus at the conference was 'Trans Representation in the Media'. There were interesting workshops focusing on the topic of media like, 'How the media changes our opinions about ourselves' and 'Tackling Hate Crime Online'. There was a panel, among were people such as Jake Graf and Hannah Winterbourne, who had an interesting insight on the topic and gave great advice to those who asked. 
We all had a lovely day and made new friendships!

"It was a very informative, invigorating, and inspiring and great to see so many young, trans people coming together and being proud. I took away enthusiasm and learnt of all the resources we could use as teaching tools in our work. I'd love to come again with more young people getting interested and involved," - Helen  

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