Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Day 1 at Space HQ on work experience

Today I returned to Space HQ, no longer as an admin volunteer, but on my work experience placement as a College Student! So thrilled to be back, and reassuringly not much has changed. Sarah's desk is still a mess, the unicorn froot loops are still in their box exactly where they were when I left in September and the amount of 'stuff' on the shelves above me has most definitely doubled however, we do have a  new addition to Space HQ, Florence the flamingo (Sarah's new watering can)...

On a more serious note, I've actually had a very productive day... Completed a risk assessment of the office equipment, updated our Supernova folder, working on a project to link older LGBTQ+ people with members of Space and tidied the office!

Glad to be back with familiar faces at Space HQ and completing my work experience with Sarah, Helen and Florence. Have a peachy week! Toodle-pip!


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