Friday, 10 May 2019

Mel Lane's LGBT+ Schools Work!

Mel is SYP’s volunteer teacher and she’s working really hard to try and get the message of LGBTQ+ inclusion out to primary and middle schools. She’s trying to spread the word and you can help by following her work on Instagram at Diversity_mel

Mel uses stories such as …and Tango Makes Three and Introducing Teddy to talk to children about diversity in families, what it means to be transgender, the importance of not feeling pressured to be a particular type of boy or girl, as well as appropriate use of language so no-one feels victimised or excluded in school. She also works with teachers to encourage them to normalise diversity and to avoid making assumptions about the children in their class.

If you are a young LGBTQ+ person and you’d like to get involved in Mel’s work, either helping with school visits or being videoed talking about your experiences, she’d love to hear from you.

Mel’s sessions are free and she can be reached at She says that personal recommendations are really great - if you know a school that would benefit from her work please tell them and tell Mel too.

Thanks everyone!

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